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About #MoChWo

Mountains are a part of global biodiversity repository and play a vital role in maintaining global ecosystems, support millions of people. In the mean time they are the most vulnerable to rapid environmental change.   The international conference on “Mountains in the Changing World” aims to provide a forum for international/national scholars, researchers, policy maker and students with opportunity to share their research findings and knowledge related to various aspects of mountains. We are sure that this conference can be an effective and insightful for the benefit of people depending on mountains. The #MoChWo will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kathmandu is known for long history, ancient cultures and civilizations, Hindu and Buddhist temples, architecture & sculptures. It hosts seven UNESCO world heritage sites. Kathmandu is also the gateway of many high Himalayas in Nepal. The conference month (October) is considered to be the best time to visit Nepal.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Rajan Ghimire
Assistant Professor, Cropping Systems
New Mexico State University, NM, USA
Dr. Binod Pokharel
Post-doctoral research scientist, Atmospheric science
University of Wyoming, WY, USA

Dr. Nabin Malakar
Post-doctoral researcher, Remote sensing
JPL, CalTech/NASA, California, USA
Dr. Basanta Raj Adhikari
Assistant Professor, Engineering Geology
Deputy Director, Centre for Disaster Studies (IoE, TU)

Dr. Peter Stahl
Professor, Soil ecology
Director of Wyoming Reclamation & Restoration Center
University of Wyoming, WY, USA
Dr. Uttam Babu Shrestha
Research Fellow, Environmental Science
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Dr. Mohan Dangi
Associate Professor, Env System & Policy
California State University, Fresno, CA, USA
Dr. Loknath Adhikari
Post-doctoral researcher, Remote sensing/Climatology
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Dr. Wentao Wang
Scientist/Climate Change
The Administrative Centre for China's Agenda 21(ACCA21)
Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
Dr. Maheswar Rupakheti
Team Leader/Air pollution-climate change
Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Potsdam, Germany

Dr. Achyut Aryal
Senior Principal Research Fellow/Conservation Biologist
The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Anzar Khuroo
Senior Assistant Professor/Biodiversity
University of Kashmir, India

Dr. Olga Ameixa
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Functional Biodiversity
University of Aveiro, Portugal

Dr. Vasileios Bontzorlos
Post Doc Researcher/Ecology, biodiversity, wildlife management
Institute for Research & Technology of Thessaly; Technology of Thessaly, Greece

Dr. Tek Bahadur Gurung
Director & Principal Scientist/Fisheries and Agriculture
National Animal Science Research Institute
Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Nepal
Dr. Sadikshya Rana Dangi
Research Associate/Soil Ecology, Microbiology
USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Parlier, USA

Organizing Committee

Mr. Rajiv Khadka (Web master)

PhD student of computer science. University of Wyoming, USA.

Mr. Rajiv Khadka (Web master)
Dr. Mahendra Thapa

Scientist, Center for medicinal and natural product chemistry Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences

Dr. Mahendra Thapa
Dr. Bhanu Neupane

Scientist, Center for Analytical Sciences, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences

Dr. Bhanu Neupane
Dr. Susma Giri

Scientist, Center for Conservation Biology, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences

Dr. Susma Giri
Dr. Basant Giri (Convener)

Scientist and Director of International Relations,  Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences

Dr. Basant Giri (Convener)